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About us

By entrepreneurs & professionals looking to evolve further.

We strive to deliver education in an accessible format anywhere in the world, through workshops recorded by vetted industry veterans willing to empower you and bring you one step closer to your success.

Don’t hit the curb. Stay ahead of it.

Edumena was born out of neccessity. We wanted to discover and learn the secrets of success right from the source, and now we’re ready to share those secrets with anyone willing to listen and learn.

Dedicated. Hungry. Willing.

Each month we’re bringing you the latest strategies and systems packed into powerful workshops. Edumena is a dynamic learning environment where we encourage curiosity, critical thinking, innovation, and human connections through our platform and our community.

We offer the plane and the pilot.

Growth, discovery, learning. For aspiring entrepreneurs, seasoned professionals, ambitious beginners, and anyone looking to stay informed about the business world, we’re bringing support every step of the way.
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